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About Saira Jasmine

A sophisticated brand and creative marketer, I am a Senior Global Marketing Manager at one of the Big 5 Ad Agencies and a passionate DEI advocate.

I strive to be a Steve Kerr-minded “point guard” and “coach” - collaboratively working with business owners and entrepreneurs to drive their brand and marketing objectives to the top of their game, consistently outperforming business objectives and growth goals.


As someone who has experienced burnout firsthand, I'm dedicated to promoting healthy and innovation-oriented working cultures leveraging agile project management and energy-balancing.

About Concepts

The vision of Saira Jasmine Concepts is to share the marketing, creative, and career knowledge I've gained working in an environment surrounded by world class specialists with others who are typically underrepresented amongst the ad industry.


Who I Serve

My clients include creative entrepreneurs, wellness professionals -- as well as community advocates for DEI.  

Over the past two decades, I've helped individuals and organizations grow their businesses, expand the reach of their community outreach efforts, and, also, mentored others as they entered the field of marketing.